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[22:28:27] (Channel) u1001: zinn is dying
[22:28:31] (Channel) u1001: pretty sure

===================NOW BEGINS THE STORY OF MINTS MAGIC MIC===========================

[22:28:48] (Channel) unixbird: >be me in gay channel
[22:28:52] (Channel) unixbird: >sittin there
[22:28:57] (Channel) unixbird: >nigz wants to test a mic
[22:29:05] (Channel) unixbird: >"ayye gonna fuck wit this boi"
[22:29:14] To Netflix n Chill: >i catch on
[22:29:15] (Channel) u1001: lol
[22:29:22] (Channel) unixbird: >keep telling him his mic is working
[22:29:28] To Netflix n Chill: >we fuck with him so hard
[22:29:34] (Channel) unixbird: >hes legit unplugging it and replugging it in
[22:29:38] To Netflix n Chill: >hes plugging it in and unplugging it
[22:29:38] (Channel) u1001: LOL
[22:29:45] To Netflix n Chill: >just keep telling him it works
[22:29:51] (Channel) unixbird: >he comes back and thinks it was actually working
[22:29:53] To Netflix n Chill: >cant actually heara nything
[22:30:05] (Channel) unixbird: >he tries again
[22:30:10] (Channel) unixbird: >then randomly
[22:30:15] (Channel) unixbird: >out of the ocean
[22:30:20] To Netflix n Chill: >"aww you guys are just fucking with me arent you"
[22:30:23] (Channel) unixbird: >"you guys were just fucking with me
[22:30:24] (Channel) u1001: lol
[22:30:39] (Channel) unixbird: >the fucking trex in my heart burst into a million suns
[22:30:45] (Channel) mints: legit he thinks he has a 4 pole mic this whole time right up to that moment
[22:30:48] (Channel) unixbird: >zinn is laughing with the force of 1000 suns
[22:31:02] (Channel) unixbird: >zinns powerlevel is over 9000
[22:31:11] To Netflix n Chill: >dies from keks
[22:31:11] (Channel) mints: has his soul crushed because these guys are dicks
[22:31:12] (Channel) unixbird: >"i need to side track this subject"
[22:31:23] (Channel) unixbird: >zinn is now shenron
[22:31:34] To Netflix n Chill: i am sam i am
[22:31:38] (Channel) unixbird: >zinn surpasses what we know as reality
[22:31:42] (Channel) unixbird: >gg zinn