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The #anarchy manifesto v0.4 by gloriouscomrade
	In many IRC channels, there is a trend of channel operators abusing their powers by muting, kicking and banning people who do not agree with their views, or solely for the sake of displaying their powers.
	#anarchy@rizon.net was created as a free-speech channel where everything was allowed except for flood, spam, mass-highlight, child porn and such.
	In the early days of this channel, we had select operators who swore not to abuse their powers.
	But later we came into the conclusion that by having moderators distinguishable from the other users, a power hierarchy is still present, because average users will feel pressured to treat operators with respect. This hierarchy is a form of oppression and goes against our ideology.
	With that a new approach was taken. We removed all badges from the channel, and now moderators can only act through chanserv. The channel ownership was transferred to a bot (gloriouscomrade), which isn't allowed to talk in the channel except for official announcements.
	Now that moderators are invisible, normal users are free to disagree with and say anything to moderators without feeling oppressed.
#Directives for moderators:
	A moderator can only kick mute or ban users in case of flooding, spam, mass-highlights, child porn or disturbance that prevents other users from using the channel effectively. Abuse of power will result in his moderator status being taken away.
	All moderators are allowed to claim to be moderators but they are not allowed to prove it. A non-moderator can also pretend to be a moderator and vice-versa, but in the end no one knows who is a moderator and who isn't, thus creating equality between all users.
	Spamming: Spam is only spam if it cripples the functionality of a channel by preventing a user from effectively reading the replies of other users in the channel.
#User guidelines:
	A user is encouraged to say anything he/she wants, but the responsibility of defending oneself from offensive remarks from the other users lies with the user. In no situation will moderators ban other users for offending you, unless it comes in the form of spamming (see definition of spam above).
	Flooding, spam, mass-highlight, distribution of child porn, and other possible attacks that can prevent the channel from functioning properly will be acted upon. Moderator will mute (-v) such users and even ban them if the disturbance persists.
	In some RARE occasions, moderators MAY allow some spam for a SHORT PERIOD OF TIME if the so-called spam is a natural part of a conversation, or if no users are around or engaged in a conversation.
	We guarantee that no moderator will ever use their mod powers unless the above events happen. In the case of power abuse, the moderator in question will be relieved of his duties, and banned users will be unbanned and offered an apology by gloriouscomrade in the channel.